Film Acquisition and Deposit Policy

Film Makers and Film Collectors who are aware of the importance of preservation of the cultural heritage of cinema, come forward to donate prints, videos, etc. for permanent preservation and archival at NFAI. NFAI accepts all films and consider it as a part of our cultural heritage.

One way of collecting films at NFAI is by accepting donation or free deposits. When producers and copyright holders of the films give their negatives and prints for storage at the film vaults of NFAI as free deposits, NFAI enters into an agreement with them. These films are then stored in ideal storage conditions and thus preserved for posterity.

NFAI also acquires readymade used prints of important films for its collection. These films are acquired after evaluation and checking of the condition of the print, and also assessing its preservation value and suitability for projection.
Nominal compensation is usually given for such acquisitions.

It is mandatory for the Archive to acquire all the National Award Winning Films as well as those films which have qualified for featuring in the Indian Panorama Section. The Producers / Copyright holders of such films have to issue an authority letter to the Archive for scoring a print for Archival use.

In addition, NFAI approaches various producers and copyright owners to authorize NFAI to make prints for permanent preservation. In such cases, NFAI bears the cost of print.

The Archive acquires old films and footage by persuading distributors, owners, etc. and thus enriches its collection. Film societies, cultural organisations and well-wishers of NFAI also assist NFAI in this endeavour.

Films also come to the Archive from the Unclaimed / Lost Property from the Railways and Airports. Films confiscated by the Customs Department also find their way to the Archive holdings.

Agreement For The Film Deposited with NFAI

Agreement Form

Authority Letter

Authority Letter