Film Circle Screening


Hindi/2006/145 min


Director: Madhur Bhandarkar.    An ambitious career woman unknowingly becomes a pawn in a corporate war between two rival companies and gets caught in a web that shatters her professional and personal life.


Hungarian/1971/90 min


Director: Istvan Gall.    Dead Landscape is a drama of chamber character, which strives to express the essential links, primarily in pictures and in its atmosphere.  With the promise of better conditions, the inhabitants of the village situated amongst the charming landscape, leave their house  - but Anti and his wife remain.  Anti has great plans - his wife Juli feels lonely. When days pass, Juli becomes more tense and restless.  She begs her husband to leave the village.  Although he dearly loves her, his determination to cling on to his village, against the flow of natural development, leads to inevitable tragedy.


Assamese/1952/128 min


Director: Suresh Chandra Goswami.    Runumi is the ninth Assamese language film. It was directed and produced by Suresh Chandra Goswami and released in 1952. The film is based on Henrik Ibsen’s play The Warriors at Helgeland. It is the second Assamese film to have been shot in location and open floor after Joymoti.


USA/1940/126 min


Director: Charles Chaplin.    A Jewish barber loses his memory after a plane crash. When he finally tries to make sense of his surroundings, he finds himself subjected to a dictator's tyranny.