Film Circle Screening


No Dialogue/1987/124 min


Director: Singeetam Srinivasa Rao, The film follows an unnamed, almost penniless and unemployed youth (Kamal Haasan) who aspires to lead a reasonably affluent livelihood. Suddenly a lady (Amala) luck smiles upon him, when he impromtuly takes up the identity of a rich man, stoking the desire of becoming rich in him even more. His fortunes apparently change when he stumbles upon a millionaire drunk by the roadside. He abducts and takes the millionaire into his room alongside a roof terrace in a dilapidated old building. A professional killer (Tinnu Anand) hired by the closet lover of the wife of the alcoholic millionaire to hit on him with an intention of usurping his belongings, has set his eyes on the young man, having mistaken the young man for the rich man, too.


Italy/1945/105 min


Director: R. Rossedlleni, In occupied Rome in 1944, German SS troops are trying to arrest the engineer Giorgio Manfredi, a communist and a leader of the Resistance against the German Nazis and Italian Fascists, who is staying in a rooming house. The landlady warns him in time of the Germans' arrival, so that he can elude them. There he encounters Pina who lives in the next apartment. Pina is Francesco’s fiancée, and is visibly pregnant. With Pina’s help (she is also part of the Resistance), Giorgio contacts Don Pietro Pellegrini, a Catholic priest who is also helping the Resistance, and asks him to transfer messages and money to a group of Resistance fighters outside the city as Giorgio is now known to the Gestapo and cannot do it himself.


Assamese/1982/124 min


Director: Jahnu Barua, In the colonial upper class society of Assam, a young woman has to give up pursuit of her university education for an arranged marriage with a rich tea-planter. The plantation and its social routine become a prison of boredom for her since her husband completely neglects her for his business. She is outraged when she discovers that her marriage takes place in order to eliminate her father's huge debt. She considers herself as having been sold to her husband. Then one day an old classmate and ex-lover, now an army officer, visits them. Depressed, she is drawn to him as she seeks fulfillment.


Japanese/1954/124 min


Director: Kenji Mizoguchi, An Historical film, set in the Heian period of feudal Japan. A virtuous governor is banished by a feudal lord to a far-off province. His wife and children are sent to live with her brother. Several years later, the wife, Tamaki (Kinuyo Tanaka), and children, Zushiō and Anju, journey to his exiled land, but are tricked on the journey by a treacherous priestess. The mother is sold into prostitution in Sado and the children are sold by slave traders to a manorial estate in which slaves are brutalized, working under horrific conditions and branded when they try to escape. Sanshō's son Tarō (Akitake Kōno), the second-in-charge, is a much more humane master, and he convinces the two they must survive in the manor before they can escape to find their mother.