Film Circle Screening

Uski Roti

Hindi/1969/110 min


Director: Mani Kaul,A woman waits for her truck driver husband, everyday, with his daily bread. Her concern for their dying relationship and her sister grows fast as she starts to doubt his loyalty.The story of Balo, the young wife of a long-distance truck driver and her young sister. Balo's life revolves around her surly, absent husband, who comes home just once a week and is rumoured to have a mistress in a nearby town. Balo walks for miles from her home and waits for countless hours until her husband's truck drives through the village so that she can give him the food she has prepared for him.

Achamillai Achamillai

Tamil/1984/160 min


Director: K. Balachander,Thenmozhi, a worker in a textile factory, resides in a small village with herblind father, a former freedom fighter. She develops a mutual attraction toUlaganathan, an idealist in the same village who is respected for hisintegrity and unselfishness. Upon the approval of Ulaganathan's father, theymarry on 15 August, coinciding with India's Independence Day. The couplelead a happy life and work for the welfare of the village. With electionsaround the corner, two political parties try to garner support by enlistingUlaganathan to their side. Initially reluctant, Ulaganathan joins one of theparties when it promises to provide him with a ministerial position.


English/2003/130 min


Director: Prakash Belawadi,The story revolves around the corruption existing in the world ofinformation technology, and stock market and mutual funds scams.Anand Rao, a retired bank official and Nandini are leading a simple yetself-sufficient upper middle class life. Their son Uday lives and works inthe United States while daughter Madhu is a software engineer workingfor a firm which is run by a hen-pecked yet scheming white collar DineshKhosla. Things start going haywire when Madhu is fired randomly withoutproper reasoning. Also Uday returns home after losing his job and thefamily is plunged in despair.

Sadhi Manas

Marathi/1965/134 min


Director: Bhalji Pendharkar,Follows the life of a poor family residing in Kolhapur and their struggle tolead a normal life. Depicts the hardships faced by the man and thewoman of the family. The happy Shankar and his wife Parvati find theirlives disrupted when they accept the offer of a truck driver to find thembetter prospects in the city. Shankar goes to jail when the driver involveshim in a crime. Parvati is imprisoned when she kills the villain, just asShankar is released. The film ends with a socialist-realist work song,Airanichya deva, the woman’s singing punctuated by sounds on a metallathe, as they return to their profession and their independence. The othersong hit was Malyachya malyamandhi (both sung by Lata Mangeshkar).